I am Jo, the founder of UndieCARRIAGE Ltd. I am a ‘young’ women in my fifties with a grown up family. The inspiration for this product came one day, after years of tackling the dreaded chore of pairing socks, sorting everyone’s laundered underwear, and delivering it all to each family members’ room. You know how it is; several trips up the stairs, inevitably dropping some along the way, trying to decide whether to pick them up without dropping everything else, or go back later. So annoying!

After several years it becomes quite depressing, you wonder if anyone ever actually thinks about how their clean underwear magically reappears in their drawers ready for work or college. Even worse, the familiar call of “are there any socks?” resonating through the house at 7.00am or earlier! Then came the lightbulb moment – I need an UndieCARRIAGE - but I couldn’t find anything like it. So, I started designing. I wanted it to be good quality, durable and attractive. Pretty enough to leave out in your laundry room, fold or roll and store away. All clean underwear secured and ready to transport to all the bedrooms in one trip, leaving your hands free to carry other items and open doors!

Tried and tested, it really works and I am confident you will love it! It was also important to me, when making UndieCARRIAGE, that I took into consideration our impact on the environment. So, I have tried to source an ethical supplier who endeavours to meet all relevant national and international environmental laws and regulations. UndieCARRIAGE is the sort of thing you don’t know you need until you use it. You’ll ask yourself, “why hasn’t someone thought of this before…?”